About Me

As a child I was always drawing. I needed to draw, to create. Through this I began to know myself. The rest of the time I wanted to be outside and moving. In my twenties I found my interest in anatomy, pouring over anatomy books for hours. The fascination stuck. I also discovered an inate ability through my hands to feel deeply into live tissues, sensing health or dis-ease. And most importantly I knew hwen there was a change to a more open, easeful state. Feeling the changes allowed me to know through touch how to release congestion and pain. Then I would help set a more healthy balance. Truly it is our bodies that sets this balance. Therapists are simply a catalyst. It was a while before I got this. It has been a rewarding process, working directly with people. Today I blend awareness, tenacity and an open, yearning spirit to live my life now with Joy and Gratitude, simply Being.