About Me

As a child I was always drawing. I needed to draw, to create. Through this I began to know myself. The rest of the time I wanted to be outside and moving. In my twenties I found my interest in anatomy, pouring over anatomy books for hours. The fascination...


Advanced, Integrative Massage

Allowing, Aligning, Releasing

What is it you are looking for? Pain or stress relief, help with an injury, information and support to know how to proceed with a stubborn or chronic situation? Even being emotionally distraught or exhaustion can be soothed by gentle massage. I am glad to help. I have been practicing massage therapy in Raleigh, NC since 1979.

Healing is what I've always done in this life, first with myself and then helping others. For years I've treated pain and injury with Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point therapies. Then, starting in 1990, I expanded into gentler energetic processes, Craniosacral, Craniosomatic and Energetic Osteopathy. My pressure levels vary greatly depending on your needs. I look to you and your body as my guide. So my work blends the physical with the energetic, pulling out a synthesis of my years of experience to aid you moving into a lighter, more ease-filled place.  I consciously maintain a strong healing presence during this process in hopes of helping you build rest, strength and peace into your life.


Bonnie Salu, LMBT

NC Lic. # 00351